Japan museum Sieboldhuis

Japan museum Sieboldhuis

The Sieboldhuis has quite a few beautiful objects from old and new Japan. the collection consists of prints, lacquerware, ceramics, fossils, herbaria, prepared animals, coins, clothing, old maps and hundreds of other treasures.

The objects were collected in Japan between 1823 and 1829 by the physician Philipp Franz von Siebold.

The museum offers a nice introductory movie about Siebold so you get some background information about his life and how these objects were collected.

Location of the Japan Museum

The Sieboldhuis or Japan Museum in the Netherlands is located in Leiden (nearby Amsterdam).

My review of the Siebeldhuis Japan Museum

The location of the museum is in the centre of Leiden. You can park in nearby garages and public transportation is good in Leiden. The museum is in a beautiful old building and on the inside it looks also really good. The museum is very small. The regular collection has beautiful objects but consists of only two rooms.

On the second and third floor there are temporary exhibitions. Kids can do an exploration assignment.

The movie at the start provided a good background about who, what, and why. The museum is OK but very small. I did expect a larger display of items. It is definitely not suitable for really small kids, but that’s also not the target group.

It is something that can easily be combined with the museum across the street; the very impressive Museum der Oudheden.

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