Mini Drone: The Black Hornet used in the military

Mini Drone: The Black Hornet used in the military

The Black Hornet nano drone, made by Prox Dynamics, is a tiny yet powerful tool used in military operations. Weighing just 16 grams and measuring under four inches long, this little device changes how armies gather information on the battlefield. It’s super small for easy movement, can stay hidden, and helps save weight where big drones can’t go. With three hidden cameras, this mini drone sends live video and pictures from up to 1000 meters away, all controlled by a base station and a handheld gadget. Its battery and GPS system let it fly for 25 minutes at 10 meters per second.

While each unit costs $195,000, its usefulness in gathering intel for missions has been proven by different armed forces. It’s been used by the UK’s Brigade Reconnaissance Force in Afghanistan and has become part of the operations for the US Army and Marine Corps. The Netherlands Armed Forces also have Black Hornets drones in use. Even though it’s expensive and not used widely due to the cost, its ability to work well, move easily, and be effective in tough situations makes it really valuable. The military wants to improve it more and use it in different specialized missions, even though it’s pricey.

Black Hornet Drone Overview:

  • Miniature, 18 gram nano helicopter UAV
  • Utilized for surveillance and reconnaissance in war zones
  • Deployed by various armed forces globally
  • Offers situational awareness and remote access
  • Manufactured by Prox Dynamics, used in missions since 2012

Technical Specifications:

  • Only 18 grams
  • Width: 250mm, Length: 100mm, Rotor Span: 120mm
  • Endurance: 25 minutes at a speed of 10 meters per second
  • It’s reach is 1200-1600 meters.
  • Operated via a rechargeable battery and GPS system
  • Equipped with an electro-optic camera and autopilot system
  • Handling winds up to 25 knots + gust (13m/s)
  • Cost: $195,000 per unit, offering substantial savings compared to larger UAVs

The Netherlands Armed Forces

Reconnaissance units of the Netherlands Armed Froces use the tiny drone to patrol more efficiently and safely. They use the 3 PD-100 version of the drone. The reconnaissance system should be seen as a supplement to the binoculars. For example, scouts can use the drone to see if there are enemy fighters behind a hill.

A Black Hornet set consists of a case containing 2 drones, external antenna, spare rotor blades, 3 different chargers (regular, HF (high frequency) and auto) and storage bags.


Black Hornet 4 Nano UAV

The newest member of the Black Hornet family is the Black Hornet 4 Nano UAV. The Black Hornet 4 brings cutting-edge abilities to hidden drones, helping soldiers understand situations quickly and without much effort. The BH4 has a top-notch Thermal Imager (TI) and an Electro Optical (EO) camera that works great in low light. Plus, it can go farther and is tougher than before. It’s got new features to avoid obstacles while flying and a better battery. This drone changes how soldiers get info for missions, giving them the key details they need to succeed.

It helps save lives by spotting dangers day or night without getting noticed. This speeds up missions and gives more ways to move without causing harm.

This video from Flir is so awesome:

And another interesting video from Military TV:

Unboxing the Black Hornet 4 UAV

Well, not really an onboxing because I didn’t have a spare 200k and the return options are not that great. Instead a picture of the box, lol. The whole system weighs 1.3kg and is small enough for a soldier to carry on their belt. It’s simple to use, needing only a bit of training.

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